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              Mulligan Career Consulting LLC Offers
      “Four Career Planning, Management & Advancement Programs”
           Working with Dr. Mike Mulligan & His Team

                      Mike Mulligan Ph.D. and CEO

Mulligan Career Consulting LLC has helped over 7,500
individuals of all ages with career planning and employment.
We offer four programs today.

1. Outplacement Services (Helping Executives and Non-
    Managers Move Out of Their Company and Move Up in 
    Another). We have helped 6,000 individuals make this 
    move. Sometimes we are not a good fit on one team but
    on another we can shine. We do discuss on-boarding

2. The Team Unit Leader & One-On-One Career Mentoring
    Program (Executing a Performance Management and
    One-On-One Career Pathway Mentoring System that will
    Develop a “Team Leadership Culture”, Meaning “Best in
    Field” Reports, Departments, Team Units & Organization).
    This program can be taught to administrators in high
    schools, colleges, seniors in Greek organizations on 
    campus and especially to managers in companies).

3. Mentors in High School, College, Families and Companies
    Learning and Implementing Mulligan’s Route 5 Career
    Pathway Plan with Students and Employees. The Plan is a
    yearly career planning, preparation, placement and
    performance process that asks students and employees 
    to identify and complete tasks that will help them meet 
    Five “P” Career Growth Goals plus school or work
    objectives that will advance them to the next step in their
    career and eventually to where they want to end up. We
    will conduct free monthly zoom sessions for family, high
    school, college and company mentors to discuss how they
    can implement the Route 5 Career Plan, The Triangle
    Mentoring Team Model and our supporting materials with      their students and employees. Contact Dr. Mulligan to
    learn the dates & times.

4. Subscribing to Mulligan’s Route 5 Career Pathway Process
    Career Materials (18 Podcasts and 12 PDF Books with 20
    Assessments). We charge a small subscription fee of $95
    for a mentor from a family, high school, college or
    company to order a USB memory stick with all our
    podcasts and books with assessments for a year. We
    placed the podcasts and pdf books with assessments on a
    USB memory stick because of the amount of information
    plus to give mentors the opportunity to put other info on
    stick. If you order three or more USB memory sticks so 
    others in your family or organization have their own stick
    with information, we charge $75 a UBS memory stick. 
    Soft cover books can be purchased and the prices are
    reduced in large numbers.

       Dr. Mulligan’s Work Experience and Credentials

Dr. Mulligan has helped 50 CEOs and Presidents, 1,000
chief level officers, 1500 managers and professionals plus
hundreds of young adults with career and college planning,
obtaining employment and advancement. He is recognized  as one of the best Career Pathway Mentors in the U.S.A. because he knows the world of work. He has mentored individuals from all work sectors, industries, career clusters, functional areas and positions.

Dr. Mulligan served as a Fellow Manager with the
International Career Certification Institute for 20 years
certifying individuals as a career mentor. Earlier he worked
as Management Development Director for Century 21
of Northern Illinois where he helped 150 franchise owners
create business plans to grow their business and make profit.

He started his career as a high school teacher and coach and then worked in higher education as an academic advisor at Michigan State, Asst. Director of Admissions at the U of
Georgia, Counselor in the Georgia Tech Counseling Center
and Midwest Regional Director of the American College
Testing Program. He served as Chairman of the State of
Georgia College Night Program and was Chairman of the
Career Advisory Council at Alma College for five years.

Dr. Mulligan received his Ph.D. in counseling from the
University of Georgia, M.A. in counseling from Michigan
State University and B.A. in history from Alma College. He
has written eight books with 20 assessments and created
and 18 podcast sessions on career planning and management and they are on this website. Please review the background of each of our staff members and advisors on this website

Contact Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 533-5488 to discuss any of
the four programs or order a UBS memory stick with
information. His two emails are or
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