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                                                         PDF Career Books and Assessments

We thank your organization for being a sponsor so we can make these pdf books with assessments free in the 20
zoom sessions to help you and others in your family or at work plan and manage a successful career journey.

(Featured PDF Books to Plan & Manage Career Journey)

• My Career Mentor and Me- Book Used in One-On-One Career Planning and Management Process between
Mentor and Mentee to Implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.
• The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan - Covers Route 5 Career Pathway Plan - Can be Used with Mentor, Alone,
in a Class, or Job Search/Career Advancement Group 

             (PDF Books for High School & College Students, Parents, and College Graduates

• Preparing for and Taking the ACT Tests (learning where you are in your educational development and how to
use the results to plan for college and your career) 
• The ACT 2018 and 2019 National Profile Reports
• Your High School Career, College and Life Preparation Program
• Selecting and Attending Colleges That Will Help You Launch Your Career Journey (not where you start but where you end)

• Time is the Enemy- (Article about government officials being worried about students taking too long to graduate from college)
• The Five Goal College Plan- Graduating in Four Years Employed in Chosen Career Field (save your family thousands of dollars)

          (Books - Moving into Management and Finding Employment in One’s Organization or Another)

• Assessing Myself as a Leader and Becoming One (employees see themselves as both a position leader and team unit leader).
• Excelling as a Team Leader- (helps build “best-in-field” employees, departments and organizations)
• Sharpening My One-One-One Helping Communication & Performance Facilitation Skills- (key to helping others)
• Moving Out and Moving Up- (used by over 2,500 in management to find new employment and move up in pay and responsibility)

                                        Assessments in PDF books

• Career Planning & Management Competency Survey Measures what you know and do not know about career
and college planning and management.
• The Mulligan Leadership Personality Assessment- (survey assesses eight personality traits and helps you
place yourself in positions that fit your personality & where you can succeed).

• The Self Manager Assessment- (discover your strengths & weaknesses as a self-manager & become one to advance up the career ladder)
• The Personal Value Survey- what are your top personal values? Do you have trouble being around people who
go against what you value?
• Work Task Preference Survey- (tasks you like doing most at work- working with either people, ideas. data, or things) these are areas in which you shine the most.
• The Work Reward Preference Survey- (identifying the rewards you want from your work environment or
position. Are these rewards being met?)
• The Work Value Survey- (type of work that meets your highest value)
• The High School Satisfaction Survey- (measures satisfaction with your high school- what can I do to improve my situation?)
• The College Selection Profile Assessment- (ranking what is most important to you picking a college to attend)
• The College Satisfaction Survey- (measures satisfaction with college- what can I do to improve my situation) 
• The Work Place Satisfaction Survey- measures satisfaction with work & your environment. Should I look for job elsewhere?)
• E.Q, Assessment (measures social & personal maturity- key to building personal power with others and being a leader)

• The Helper Communication Assessment-(measures your helping communication skills so you can improve and help others)
• The Performance Facilitator Assessment – (measures your performance facilitation skills so you can improve)
• Leadership & Management Task Assessment – (measures your capability to perform specific leadership and management tasks)
• The Group Leadership Assessment – (measuring your skills to lead groups and meet your objectives)
• The Management Assessment – measures your management skills so you can excel as a manager.
• Behavior in Groups- (learning your behavior in groups)
• The Self Actualization Survey- (learning if needs are being met which impact your performance and attitude)
• Herzberg’s Motivation Assessment-(what motivates you)
• The Skill Competency Survey – (assessing yourself on 100 skills to learn your strengths and weaknesses)

The assessments are found in the pdf books. These pdf books and assessments are part of the 20 zoom sessions

Contact Dr. Mike Mulligan to participate in one of the 20 One-On-One zoom sessions. We can also do group zoom sessions. Call him at 847 533-1648 or text him at to schedule a zoom session.
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