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                    16 Individual One-On-One Career, College and Job Acqusiiton
                                            Mentoring and Consulting Sessions

We offer 16 career, college and job acquisition One-On-One sessions to individuals of all ages. Please peruse topics and set up a time to meet on zoom with Dr. Mike Mulligan. The fee is $90 an hour and you receive a pdf book and assessments free that relate to the topic being discussed. We charge for soft cover books.

                                             (Session Number One)

        “Learning & Executing a Career Planning Process to Advance Career”

You will take our Career Planning and Management Competency Survey and we will discuss what you know and don’t know about career planning and management. You will then learn and execute the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan, a career planning and management process that you can implement until you retire.

(Participants will receive a pdf copy of the book The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan & the Career Planning & Mgt. Competency Survey.)

                                            (Session Number Two)

              “Establishing a Mentoring Program to Plan and Advance Career”

We will discuss how a young adult in high school or college can establish and implement The Triangle Mentoring Team Model. A parent will be the Self-Manager Mentor, a professional will serve as the Career Pathway Mentor and you will have a number of Career Specialist Mentors that will educate you about their industry and
functional area and help you complete the tasks in your Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to advance career. This is program that can help a young person place himself/herself on the right career pathway and stay there until retirement. You establish a network that will help you.

           (Participants will receive a pdf copy of My Career Mentor and Me)

                                           (Session Number Three)

                           “Selecting Your Career Field or Career Pathway”
                       (work sector, industry, functional area and positions)

Learning About Self- We will discuss your career aspiration and the results of your taking the Jackson Vocational Interest Blank, Work Task Preference Survey, Mulligan Personality Assessment, MBTI, Work Values & Skill Assessment Survey.
Learning About World of Work- We will review the different work sectors, industries, functional areas and positions. You will have the opportunity to talk to career specialty mentors about their industry, functional area and position.
Targeting Your Career Field – We will put what we learned together and have you target one or several career fields where you want to work.

     (Participants will take assessments mentioned and receive pdf books The Route                      5 Career Pathway Plan and Five Goal College Plan)

                                            (Session Number Four)

           “Using ACT & SAT Results to Improve Academically & Plan Career”

We can give you a practice ACT test and review your four test scores in relation to what you would do on the SAT and how you compare in your educational development with the million students talking the ACT each year.

We will also look at your four tests of educational development and identify where you might need some tutoring and where you are most knowledgeable which can help you select a career field and college major. The test scores are bench marks in terms of where you are in your educational development. You want to improve in all areas so you can obtain as many degrees as possible to place yourself where
you want to be.

                                           (Session Number Five)

                   “Select & Enroll in the Right Colleges to Launch Career”

We will cover the following topics in this session.
• Review your College Selection Profile results- Identify the most Important factors in selecting the college/university “Best” for you today.
• ACT & SAT Scores- Identify colleges where you can succeed academically
• Review college majors and what they prepare you to do in world of work
• Identify, investigate & apply to colleges that fit your College Selection Profile and could provide some financial assistance.
• Enrolling in the “Best Fit College” at this time

    (You will receive pdf copy of Selecting and Attending the Right College(s) to
                                             Launch Your Career)

                                           (Session Number Six)

          “Execute Five Goal College Plan to Graduate in 4 Years Employed”

We will discuss Dr. Mike Mulligan’s book The Five Goal College Plan which identifies the landmines of college and why 66% of college students graduate in six years without a job in their major field of study.

The Plan, laid out in the book, asks you to complete specific tasks each year to graduate in four years employed in your chosen career field. This session could save you $20,000 to $50,000.

      (All participants will receive a pdf copy of The Five Goal College Plan”

                                         (Session Number Seven)

          “Target Next Position & Conduct a Job Search That Produces Offers”

We will cover the following steps of a job acquisition process. They are:
1. Handling separation trauma if released from job and knowing what to tell people
    about losing your job
2. Targeting your next position- work sector, industry, functional area and position-
    many people don’t’ know what their next position should be
3. Branding yourself properly on resume and other marketing materials
4. Identifying your references and keeping them Informed. They can sell you.
5. Obtaining Interviews
• Establishing and working with your network of mentors/colleagues
• Establish a job search group to help each other discover leads
• Know where the jobs are posted- We list them on website 
• Conduct informational interviews to sell self and broaden network
• Contact recruiters that focus on your salary range and industry/functional area
6. Selling yourself in the interview and negotiating the offer

You will receive two pdf books:
• Five Goal College Plan
• Moving Out and Moving Up)

                                         (Session Number Eight)

           “Write Resumes & Marketing Materials to Obtain Interviews/Offers”

We will discuss the type of resumes and marketing materials you should create to gain interviews and offers when unemployed as well to advance yourself in your company if presently employed.

You will receive two pdf books with sample materials.
• Five Goal College Plan
• Moving Out and Moving Up

                                          (Session Number Nine)

                   “Sell Self in High Stress & informational Interviews”

We will review the steps of selling yourself in both informational and high stress interviews. We will put you through a high stress interview taping your body language & how you answer & ask questions. We will review the tape together discussing how you can improve in certain areas to gain offers.

You will receive the following two pdf books that discuss selling self in interview.
• Five Goal College Plan
• Moving Out and Moving Up

                                           (Session Number 10)

               “How to Move Up the Career Ladder to Where You Want to Be”

When interviewing with the person you will report to on the job, you might ask him or her how he or she works with his or her reports to transform them into the “best in their field” and the department “best in its’ functional area”.

We will cover the Triangle Team leadership Model and One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator process during this session so you learn how you and your manger can work together to be the “best in your career field” and advance. You should know that more people get ahead in their career by helping their boss rise to the top in management. If they like you, they take you with them.

                                          (Session Number 11)

                        “Stepping Up as a Leader in Your Organization”

When you work for a company or a member of any organization, you will have the opportunity to play two leadership roles, the Team Player Leader and Team Unit Leader. You will fill out the assessments in the book Stepping Up as a Leader in Your Organization and we will discuss your results as they relate to playing the role of a Team Player Leader and Team Unit Leader.

            (You will receive the pdf book Stepping Up as a Leader which
            helps you analyze yourself as both a Team Unit Leader and
            Team Member Leader)

                                          (Session Number 12)

                 “Managers Developing “Best in Field” Players and Teams”

We will teach the Triangle Team Leadership Model, The Team Achievement Motivation Program and how to be an effective One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator. These model programs, if implemented with reports, will transfer them into the “Best in Their Field” and the Department “Best in its Functional Area”.

Participants will receive the following pdf books Excelling as a Team Leader and Sharpening My One-On-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills.

                                          (Session Number 13)

              “Moving Out of Your Organization & Moving Up in Another”

We will discuss the reasons why people fail on the job and have to move out. We will also review a five phase career transitioning process that is in Dr. Mulligan’s book Moving Out and Moving Up. Over 2,500 executives and managers in the Mulligan & Associates outplacement program executed this process to gain new
employment and excel in their new position.

We will supply a pdf copy of this book Moving Out and Moving Up

                                         (Session Number 14)

               “Becoming Satisfied with Your School or Work Situation”

We will give you a survey that measures your satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your present situation and will discuss what you can do to become more satisfied with where you are today. We will also measure if your present situation motivates you, meets your needs and provides the rewards you want,

         (You will take a number of assessments and results will be discussed)

                                        (Session Number 15)

                                    “Becoming an Entrepreneur”

Many people want to be their own boss. You might want to start or buy a business or franchise. What are the land mines and benefits of owning and managing your own business? You can discuss your idea for a business. Let us review your business plan. If you have no business plan, we will discuss how you can develop one.

                                        (Session Number 16)

               “Developing Your Route 5 Career Pathway Plan To Retire and End Up
                             Where You Want to Be in Your Career and Life”

Companies are offering employees 401K programs and not pensions like they use to do. This means that employees have to invest their money wisely and might have to work to 65 or longer before they can retire. We will discuss the importance of developing a work and life plan with your spouse to retire and end up where you want to be in your career and life.

Dr. Mulligan has been working as a career consultant for more than 40 years counseling over 2,500 individuals and has seen it more difficult for those over 60 to land new positions. This means developing a plan to stay employed and pay your bills until you can retire.

                Call Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 533-1648 to sign up for a session.
                You and he can agree upon a time to have a One-On-One zoom
                session. You can also email him at:

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