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Books to boost your career strategy

by Author Dr. Mike Mulligan

Dr. Mike Mulligan, has written the following books on career transitioning and leadership and has assisted 3,000 employees and recent college graduates with career direction and finding employment. The book offerings can be viewed and read by families and select groups in high school, college and at work. The content of each topic can then be discussed and plans made and executed with the assistance of the group. Dr. Mulligan believes the topics he introduces should be discussed in the home, school and at work. Everyone needs to continually plan and mange their career.

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The Five Goal College Plan


$4.99 eBook

$25.95 Softcover

Moving Out and Moving Up -Dr. Mulligan's Career Transitioning Model 


$5.99 eBook


$33.95 Softcover

Becoming the Best in Our Field


$5.99 eBook


$20.95 Softcover

Sharpening My One-On-One Performance Facilitation and Helping
Communication Skills


$5.99 eBook


$17.95 Softcover

My Career Mentor & Me



$39.99 Softcover

Excelling as a Team Leader


$5.99 eBook


$17.99 Softcover

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