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                                Excelling as a Team Unit Leader and 
                                  One-On-One Career Pathway Mentor

                          (Developing A “Best in Field” Leadership Culture)

We offer Team Unit Leaders whether working at a high school, college, a company or not-for- profit organization the opportunity to learn and execute the Mulligan Five Phase Team Performance Management System that will produce a “Best in Field”
Leadership Culture
. We also offer this program to senior leaders in Greek Organizations on a college campus. The primary goal of the program is to teach all Team Unit Leaders a specific Team Performance Management and One-On-One Career Pathway
Mentoring System they can implement to provide career guidance to team members and help them excel as both a team unit and team member leader and have a successful career. Participants will receive the following books:

• Assessing Self as a Leader and Becoming One
• Being Best in Our Field
• Excelling as a Team Leader (Outlines the Mulligan Five Phase Performance
   Management System
• My Career Mentor and Me (Introduces the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan- A Career
   Planning & Management Model)
• Sharpening My Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills- Skills
   Necessary to Execute the System.

The benefits of this program are:
1. Team Unit Leaders will implement the Mulligan Team Performance Management
which will create a culture that helps everyone identify their career pathway
    and then become both a Team Unit and Team Member Leader in their field. This
    helps each team member advance their career.
2. Team Unit Leaders will work with team members to establish objectives if met that
    will make the unit or department and organization “best in its field”.
3. The reputation of an organization “being best in its field or industry’ will attract and
    retain talented people.
4. The program will help those in a management move into a C-Suite opportunity.

                 Mulligan Five Phase Performance Management System

(Phases One through Four will be for 90 minutes and Phase Five will be 60 minutes)

Phase One – 90 Minutes One-On-One Learning about Self as a Team Unit Leader and

One-On-One Mentor- Participants will take a number of assessments and discuss their strengths & weaknesses as a Team Unit Leader & One-On-One Mentor in a
zoom session with Dr. Mike Mulligan. Dr. Mulligan will define leadership, management and mentoring and discuss the results of each assessment with team unit leaders along with a growth plan.

Phase Two- 90 Minutes Group Session- Learning and Participating in The Achievement Motivation Program created by the Clement Stone Foundation. Dr. Mulligan is a certified
leader of this program and has taught this program for graduate credit at Michigan State and Glassboro State. The program creates:

• A sharing and interactive environment
• A trust and respect base among participants/team members
• Team cohesiveness & team play
• A strength base within each member so he or she is confident in completing tasks to meet objectives.
• A challenge for each team member to be “best in field” and make sure his or her department/unit is “best in its field”.

A booklet describing the Achievement Motivation Process will be emailed ahead of this session for participants to review and use during this session. We would like four to seven Team Unit Leaders to participate in this 90 minute zoom session.

Phase Three – 90 Minute Group Session-Reviewing the Triangle Team Leadership Model, a performance management system which asks the members to establish and meet objectives that make them and their department/unit the “best in their field”.

Phase Four- 90 Minute Group Session- Learning How to be a One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator- This is key to helping reports become “best in their present position” & be trained to best in future positions. Participants will take the
following assessment surveys

• The 21 Topic Career, College, Employment and Life Competency Survey
• Career Planning and Management Survey
• The Helper Communication Assessment Survey
• The Performance Facilitator Assessment Survey

Participants will be taught the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan which asks a mentee or report to complete certain tasks each year to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals and advance their career.

1. Position self and stay on right career pathway
2. Prepare self to perform in present and future positions
3. Place self in future positions in the company & elsewhere
4. Perform at high level completing tasks to meet career growth goals and “best in field’ individual/team objectives.
5. Personal satisfaction with performance, position, rewards, culture, colleagues and manager

We will define a Career Pathway Mentor and discuss the importance of a mentor being an effective counselor and coach. 

We will cover the three areas of being a helpful counselor.

• Attending skills
• Listening skills
• Responding skills and three areas of being a performance facilitator or mentor/coach.
• Task Expert Process- Identifying tasks where report says I am expert & tasks where I
   need coaching and mentoring.
• Confrontation- Not doing what you said you would do
• Positive reinforcement- doing a great job in completing task 

The books we will use include My Career Mentor and Me and Sharpening My Helping and Performance Facilitation Skills.

We have learned that it is difficult for Managers to manage a group of individuals. The One-On-One sessions are the best way to solve personal issues & team cohesive problems and meet individual and group objectives.

Phase Five- 60 Minute One-On-One Session- Implementing “Best in Field” Leadership Performance Management Program- We ask each participant to outline and discuss how
they will implement the “Best in Field” Leadership Culture program in their present or future organization.

Contact: Dr. Mike Mulligan 847 533-1648 or text
and set up a program for five to seven of your team unit leaders.

He charges $75 an hour and $100 for 90 minutes to do the sessions plus for PDF and soft cover books. It is very reasonable considering you can share the expenses with a group of people.
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