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On-line Career Pathway Mentor Training Program “Helping Young Adult (15-30) Plan & Advance Their Career”

Local companies, community high schools and colleges should work together to help young adults learn about the community work place as well as the world of work and how to plan and manage a successful career journey.

• Sixty six percent of college students graduate in six to seven years from college.
• Seventy three percent do not enter a career field that relates to their college major. Most people learn their

  position with On- the- Job training and work experience.
• Over 35% of those 23 to 35 years of age live at home today. They have college debt and move from job to job

   hoping their managers will help them with career direction.

We recommend parents, local school administrators and companies work together to adopt and implement our Young Adult Career Pathway Mentoring Program which includes:

• The Triangle Team Mentoring Model,
• The Achievement Motivation Program,
• Operating as a Career Pathway Mentor and Performance Facilitator executing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan

  to help young adults plan and manage a successful career, 

• Books, Assessments & Podcasts that mentors and mentees can use to identify tasks that mentees need to

  complete to advance career.
• A follow up zoom session on implementing a successful Career Pathway Mentoring Program

The young adults can implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan with a trained Career Pathway Mentor (teacher or counselor) in a class or with a company trained Career Pathway Mentor while taking an internship and working for a company.

We invite the guidance counselor, a regular or substitute teacher or someone from a company in charge of internships or management to attend one of our monthly Career Pathway Mentor Training Programs. They can learn our program and how to implement it with young adults.

Local high schools, colleges and companies can assist local families by helping young adults put themselves on the right career pathway and launch the right career pathway by age 25.

This program can also help companies recruit good local people as employees. If you treat an intern, part time or fulltime young employee right, they will want to work for you, stay longer and love to come to work.

We offer four Wednesday night zoom sessions each month from 7 pm to 9 p.m. for eight people.

First Wednesday Evening– We will conduct the Achievement Motivation Program. This program can be taught in a school class or at work. Young adults are divided into small groups of eight and work as a team to help each other plan their career pathway. The AMP focuses on asking young adults to share information about themselves and learn about the others in the group. After rounds of discussion about different topics, members of the group get to know each other and then can identify what they see the strengths being in their fellow group members.

Group members fill out either a H.S.15 Statement Career Planning and Management Competency Survey, a College 20 Statement Career, College, Graduation and Employment Competency Survey or a 75 Topic Career Pathway Planning Competency Survey and discuss what they know and don’t know about the career topics. We supply written information and podcasts on each statement. They also will learn the Triangle Team Mentoring Model and discuss how they can work with different mentors over the years to advance their career.

Second Wednesday Evening- We will discuss the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan and how to implement it with a mentee in high school, college or the work place. We will cover the importance of establishing rapport with a mentee and being a counselor and coach at the right time. We will also discuss the importance of identifying and completing specific tasks each year to meet the Five “P Career Growth Goals below to help the mentee advance to his or her ultimate career target.

• Positioning self on the right career pathway or career field (work sector, industry, career cluster, functional area,

• Preparing self for targeted career pathway or career field
• Placing self in targeted career field or career pathway
• Performing at a high level completing predetermined tasks to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals and advance
• Personal satisfaction with performance, work and school rewards and present situation.

Third Wednesday Evening- We will discuss many of the tasks we put in the high school, college and work place career pathway advancement books that mentees should complete to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals in the Route 5 Career Pathway to advance. Mentors and mentees can add tasks that are relevant for the mentee’s career advancement.

Fourth Wednesday Evening- We will discuss the career pdf books, assessments and podcasts available to assist a Career Pathway Mentor in helping a mentee identify and complete predetermined tasks to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals to advance their career.

The fee is $495. It covers soft cover books, assessments, four sessions and a follow up group planning session with Dr. Mulligan, We limit the number attending each program to eight so everyone has an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. The next training program begins the first Wednesday of the month and will be conducted each of the following three Wednesdays of the month unless holidays arise in which the group will decide on a date and time to make it up

Contact: Dr. Mike Mulligan to register for a monthly program
847 533-1648 or

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