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                                    Mulligan Outplacement Programs

​We offer both a senior management and non-management outplacement program

                                     Senior Management Outplacement
                      (The CEO, President, C-Level & Senior Executive Program)

This until placed program includes:

• An office and secretarial assistance if this part of the program is provided by
• Helping the client and spouse through the separation trauma of leaving the company
• Helping the client tell the right story for leaving the company
• Selecting the right references and coaching them on what to say
• Putting clients through in-depth assessment which helps them
   determine their next job target (same position, self-employment, teaching or
   academic adviser, Board position)
• Using a proven Job Acquisition Model
• Helping clients write resumes and marketing letters
• Helping a client conduct a sales campaign to obtain interviews
• Selling self in telephone and informational interviews.
• Helping a client learn about companies
• Introducing recruiters, venture capital & private equity firms
• Putting clients through in-depth interviewing practice
• Sharpening negotiating skills
• Managing the stress of a job search.
• Discussing on-boarding to make a positive impression early
• All those in this program can join us in our Team Unit Leader and One-On-One Career
  Mentor training program if they desire to do.

• Our clients and their family members can join us at this website 
   www.mulligancareerconsulting .com and request PDF books and zoom sessions on
   career, college, employment and life planning.
• Our partner, BRW Enterprise, a technology firm will help our clients obtain contacts
   with people who can hire or help them get hired.

           TimeLine Outplacement Programs for Non-Management Employees

We offer four timeline Outplacement Programs for Non-Managers.
Companies can decide on the timeline program they want to provide
the released employee.
• One Month Program
• Two Month Program
• Three Month Program
• Six Month Program

We will take a client through the following program:
• Management of separation trauma from the company
• Assessment of self and targeting next position
• Developing marketing materials (resume. letters, card)
• Developing and executing a plan to obtain interviews
• Selling self in the interview
• Negotiating offer
• Onboarding plan

​Please call Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 533-5488 to learn more about our two programs. We limit the number of clients in each program so each client receives the service they want and deserve. We furnish a USB memory stick with 12 pdf books, 20 assessments and 18 podcasts to help clients in these two programs and family members plan and manage their career journey and obtain employment. This is something that most outplacement firms do not offer.
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