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Developing Your Management Team

“Best in Their Field” Managers Develop

“Best in The Field” Reports that 

Build “Best in The Field” Organizations

We offer a three half day management development webinar twice a month followed by weekly small group sessions for a month to help those in management excel as a Team Unit Leader.

The seminar is delivered every other week. Dr. Mulligan will teach the four phases of his book Excelling as a Team Unit Leader. Phases one and two are taught on a Tuesday. Phase three is taught on a Wednesday and Phase four is taught on a Thursday.  Each session is from 2:30p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Zoom. If you miss a session, you can attend the next one that covers what you missed. We will limit the number to each seminar to allow for questions and discussion.


Phases One and Two focus on defining leadership and management and assessing participants as a leader and manager.  Participants will assess themselves and identify their strengths and where they need to improve to be effective. We ask participants to take our assessments and we review what the results mean. We assess each participant’s:

  1. Capability to perform certain leadership and management tasks

  2. Personality; strengths and limitation to lead and manage others

  3. Personal and work values; what is important to them?

  4. E.Q. (social and personal maturity); relating to others

  5. Management skills; the way you do things

  6. Present performance management system; capability to put together a business plan with objectives & build cohesive team.



In Phase Three, we will discuss the Triangle Team Leadership Model, a performance management system that every manager in an organization can execute to transform reports, the unit and organization into the “Best in Their Field”.

  1. We will review the importance of setting organization, unit and individual objectives that relate to one another in transforming everyone and the company into “Best in Their Field”.

  2. We will discuss the importance of an organization having a vision and mission statement that motivates employees.

  3. Participants  will learn a team building program fashioned after the Achievement Motivation Program created by the Clement Stone Foundation.

  4. We will discuss how to evaluate the personality dynamics of  one’s team unit-learning the different personalities of team

  5. We will discuss how to use the Four Ms (monitoring, measuring , modifying and meet objectives) to build a successful program.


Phase Four presents the One-On-One Career Pathway Mentoring and Performance Process, the key to setting and meeting objectives and “Being Best in Field”.

  1. You will learn the three stages of the One-On-One Career Mentoring and Performance Facilitation  Process Stage One- Knowing how to establish rapport with report and operate as an idiosyncratic coach

      Stage Two- Developing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan with report identifying tasks that need to be         completed meet Five “P’ Growth Goals and “Best in Field” objectives each year.

      Stage Three- Executing and Meeting Five “P” Career Growth Goals and “Best in Field” objectives

  2.  We will assess your helping communication and performance facilitation skills and discuss how you            can raise your functioning level in both areas.

  3.  We will discuss how you build a score board to assess reports and unit and keep score. We will also            discuss ways reports and the unit can market their achievements and receive recognition if the                  predetermined objectives are met.

We charge $375 for one person and $325 for an individual if more than one person from an organization attends. Participants will receive three books written by Dr. Mulligan;  Excelling as a Team Leader, Route 5 Career Pathway Plan and Sharpening My One-On-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills and can attend four one hour group sessions afterwards to discuss how they are implementing what they learned.

You can contact Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 981-5725 or email him at to register or learn more. See tab- the schedule of webinars


Special Note


This program will not only help you develop your employees into experts in their field but will help you retain them for a longer period of time. If interested, we can conduct this seminar for a group of managers at your organization. Read about Dr. Mulligan at tab- about our staff on this website.


See list of dates and times on Tab - scheduled webinars


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