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Mulligan & Associates 
Organization and Employee Career
Development Consulting Firm
We are a 36 plus year Career Management and Outplacement firm that specializes in Organization and Employee Career Development.  We help present employees with career development by training their manager on how to execute the Triangle Team Leadership Model & One-On-One Career Mentoring and Performance Facilitation Process with them.  We help those leaving the organization with career development through corporate sponsored outplacement programs.
Our three programs include:
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  • Managers Excelling as Team Unit Leaders:    “ Best in Their Field” 
  • Corporate Sponsored Senior Executive Outplacement  
  • Corporate Sponsored Non-Management Outplacement
#1 - Managers Excelling as Team Unit Leaders : “Best in Their Field ”
We Teach a Process That Can Help Managers Develop Their Players (reports) into Best in Their Field, The Department Best in It’s Functional Area and The Organization Best in It’s Industry

We offer on a weekly basis a three half day management development seminar followed up with four one hour small group sessions for a month to let participants discuss how they are implementing what they learned. All sessions are on Zoom so a person can participate from work or home. 

The program focuses on the four phases in Dr. Mike Mulligan’s book Excelling as a Team Unit Leader and he will be teaching the seminar.  If you miss one of the three half day sessions, you can attend the one(s) you missed at another seminar.  We will limit the number in program so participants can ask questions and discuss content.  Review details on tab- management development.
#2 - Corporate Sponsored Executive Outplacement
Senior Executives Leaving and Advancing Their Career
We have been helping CEOs, Presidents, Chief Level Officers, senior executives, managers and partners leave an organization on a positive note for 36 plus years. Many times a senior leader just needs to move to a different organization or face a new challenge in his or her life. We can work with an executive located anywhere in the U.S.A. and will work with that individual until placed in the right position. We use Dr. Mulligan’s book Moving Out and Moving Up.
#3. - Corporate Sponsored Non-Management Outplacement

Helping Non-Management Employees Target Their Next Position and Obtain the Offer That Will Advance Their Career.

We offer a group job search workshop every Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12:30 p.m. We focus on targeting the next position, obtaining interviews and acquiring the position that will advance one’s career. The seminar is followed up by weekly one hour job search strategy group sessions on Zoom. We market participants.

We price program based on how long an individual wants or needs to be in our program. Participants can also review 15 career and job search podcasts at our other website of as part of program.  If a company has five or more employees they are releasing, we can conduct a special program for them.

Why Work with Mulligan & Associates?

  • Our firm, founded in 1983, has helped over 10,000 employees at all levels with career planning, development and employment helping150 companies downsize in a humanistic way. 

  • We have the most credentialed and experience staff in our industry. Review about our staff on this website. 

  • Our fees are very reasonable and competitive.

  • Contact Dr. Mike Mulligan 847 533-1648 or Steve Blondell at 847 6541-3560 

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