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Executing an Internship Program Using

The Career Management Competency Survey & Five Goal College Plan Book

Most students are not offered a career planning course in college and don’t visit the career center.  Consequently, 50% change majors more than once and 60% of students graduate from college in six years rather than four with much debt. Students need to be knowledgeable about how to plan and manage their career and they are not getting much help. A supervisor from your organization can help student interns in this area as well as provide a good work experience.

We recommend your supervisors use our Career Management Competency Survey (includes career information, 21 assessments, a CMQ Score Card and 14 podcasts) and the Five Goal College Plan book to help student interns with career and educational planning and management.

 Supervisors can follow a seven step process: The first three steps focus on preparing supervisors/managers to help interns and the last four concentrate on helping interns.

  • Step # One- The manager/supervisor should take the Career Management Competency Survey on our website He/she will receive an e-mail score report showing what he/she knows and wants to know about career planning and management and himself/ herself. There are 21 self scoring assessments part of the Survey and 14 podcasts related to the survey statements. Podcast # 14 discusses how to be a Career Pathing Mentor.

  • Step # Two- The supervisor will learn about the Student Intern CMQ Score Card. The card helps the supervisor review with the intern the 60 statements on the CMC Survey. They together review each of the 60 statements making sure the intern is knowledgeable about all of them.

  • Step # Three- The supervisor will review the Five Goal College Plan book and be ready to discuss the Five Goals and the plans to achieve each with the intern..

  • Step # Four- The supervisor asks the intern to take the Career Management Competency Survey and review his/her email score report. Specific assessments are taken and the results discussed.

  • Step # Five- The supervisor will review the sixty statements or topics of the Career Management Competency Survey on the Student Intern CMQ Score Card with the intern and check off the topics or statements where the intern is well informed (expert or no need to know). They will discuss the topics where the intern has a moderate or strong need to know.  Topics are checked off after the supervisor and intern discuss them and the intern knows the subject matter.


  • Step # Six- The supervisor will ask the intern to review the book, the Five Goal College Plan Then the intern can discuss and outline his/her college goals and plans with the supervisor.


  • Step# Seven- The supervisor will provide the intern with a relevant work experience and inform him/her about functional areas, the industry and company.

Benefits of Using The CMC Survey, Assessments, CMQ Score Card,  Podcasts and Five College Goal book in an Internship Program.

  • The Career Management Competency Survey brings to awareness what a person knows about career planning and management in six career modules or areas.

  • Career/position transitioning- stages, challenges and a  model to use

  • Career/position selection- targeting an occupation and industry

  • Career/position preparation- obtaining education and work experience

  • Career/position placement-acquiring targeted position

  • Career/position advancement- participating in activities to advance

  • Career/position fulfillment-learning how to enjoy your work  

  • The supervisor will introduce to interns the Route 56 Career Management Model that includes the six career module planning process which will help the intern chart and manage their career journey from today until retirement.

  • The supervisor will review The Career Management Knowledge (CMQ) Score Card with the intern and check off the topics on the Career Management Competency Survey the  intern knows.. Then they will discuss the topics the intern wants to know more about.

  • The intern will learn about himself/herself (21 assessments) and the world of work and be able to chart a more realistic career path.

  • The intern and supervisors can review and discuss the podcasts that are of interest.

  • The supervisor can discover the career aspiration, interests, personality, skills, strengths and weaknesses of the intern. Thus, the supervisor can utilize the student’s strengths on projects and can help interns set and meet objectives that will help them grow andl make the internship more meaningful.

  •  The intern can review and discuss the book, The Five Goal College Plan with the supervisor and lay out a plan to graduate from college on a timeline with a good job.

  • The supervisor will get the chance to get to know the intern in more depth. This helps the supervisor appraise where the intern would fit into the company and if this is someone the company should hire later.

Cost to Participate

This is a company sponsored program. We charge a onetime fee of $25 for each person (interns and supervisors) to take the Career Management Competency Survey and receive an email score report with information and 21 assessments they can take to learn about themselves The fee also covers the 14 podcasts. The soft cover book, The Five Goal College Plan, is $25.95 and the eBook is $4.99 both of which can be ordered at the book section of this website.

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