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Mentoring Directors Program
Building an In-House Career Pathway Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Directors Program was established to help individuals utilize our website and execute the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to build an effective Career Pathway Mentoring Program in their organization.
1. We will work with Mentoring Directors from organizations sponsoring or participating in our website There is no fee to be a member of the Mentoring Directors Program but we charge a fee to attend educational and brainstorming meetings during the year.
2. Introductory Meeting- Reviewing website, Route 5 Career Pathway Plan and supporting materials.
We will meet with Mentoring Directors face to face, by Skype or in small groups to discuss how to implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan in their organization. This includes reviewing the 10 PDF books, 20 self-assessments and 15 video podcasts.
3. Phase #2 Meeting- Organizing a Career Pathway Mentoring Program in Your  Organization; Finding and Training Career Pathway Mentors.
Once a Mentoring Director is oriented to the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan and the supporting materials, we will meet to discuss how to use them plus find and train people as a Career Pathway Mentor or Specialty Mentor.
4. Phase #3 User Workshops- We will offer workshops during the year to help Mentoring Directors fine-tune their mentoring programs and skills. Mentoring Directors will have a chance to talk with other Mentoring Directors and pick up new ideas and learn about new materials. Workshops will be posted on our calendar which is located on our website
We established the Mentoring Directors Program because we felt without someone to initiate, organize and manage a mentoring program in an organization, there would never be one. Call 847 981-5725 to talk with Dr. Mike Mulligan.
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