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The Post College Career Launching Program


The Post College Career Launching Program is for recent college graduates who need help with launching their career. The program includes Three Phases:


  • Phase One – Targeting a Career Field and Position and Developing a Career Preparation Plan

  • Phase TwoObtaining The Targeted Position in Your Chosen Career Field

  • Phase Three – Seminar on Moving into Management and Discussion on Obtaining a 
                             Graduate/Professional Degree


You have the option to participate in one or all Three Phases.


Phase # One – Targeting a Career/Position – Four Steps  
(Fee is $395 -includes assessment, materials, book and three hours of counseling)


Step One – Select a Career/Position- Knowing Yourself    

You will review your present resume and fill out a number of assessments and discuss the results with Dr. Mike Mulligan or another consultant. Your goal is to learn about yourself. You will analyze your resume (education, past industry, work positions, leadership experience and capability and accomplishments).

You will take assessments to learn about your interests, personality, skills, work values, career aspiration, consulting potential and future projected life style. You will develop a Career Profile on Yourself.


Step Two – Select a Career/Position-Knowing the World of Work                                                                     
You will review the various functional areas, work sectors and industries and curriculum/majors offered in the class room or online by local colleges and universities. You will conduct some exploratory interviews with people.


Step Three – Select a Career/ Position
Brainstorming-We will review your Career Profile and select the career and positions that best fits your profile.


Step Four – Prepare for Your Targeted Career Field
We will identify the action steps you need to take to prepare yourself for your targeted position. This mean taking the right courses, internships and educating yourself through exploratory and informational interviews and doing research.


Phase # 2 – Obtaining Targeted Career/Position – Six Steps                
(Fee is $595-includes a workbook and four months of job acquisition coaching and marketing you to companies. Your program ends when you accept a position or after four months.  You will be assigned to a job search team and meet weekly for the first month and twice a month for the next four months. If not employed in four months, you can stay in program for $50 per month).


Step One – At the first meeting, you will share your targeted career field and position with the group and have them critique your resume and marketing letters. You can then make changes in your materials.


Step Two – During the second meeting, you will learn how to conduct a successful job search and obtain high and low stress interviews.


  • Learn and execute the A-B-C network model

  • Research-make direct contact with hiring managers

  • Learn and use the appropriate websites

  • Identify and contact the right recruiters

  • Working as part of a job search support team


Step Three – During the third meeting, you will learn how to track what you are doing to gain interviews. You will continually discuss strategy and be pushed to obtain interviews


Step Four – During the fourth meeting, you will discuss how to sell yourself during a low and high stress interview and negotiate an offer.


Step Five – We will market you to companies and help you obtain interviews. Your profile will be part of a marketing newsletter we will send to companies. If the company wants your resume, we will send it to them.


Step Six – We will discuss becoming self employed and managing others.


Important Note – We are not a job placement service.  We will help you target the right career and positions and obtain interviews.  We will also help you sharpen your interviewing and negotiating skills so you obtain a job offer.



Phase # Three – Seminar on Moving into Management and Discussion on Obtaining a Graduate or Professional Degree 


This program is for those recent college graduates who want to move into management or those who have been in management a short time. The goal of this seminar is to help individuals define leadership and learn how they can transform direct reports and themselves into the best in their fields and their unit into the best in their functional area.  We limit each monthly seminar to 10 individuals. Our fee is $295 which covers instruction, two books, assessment and lunch. Call 847 981-5725 to learn about dates and register.


The program covers eight topics:


1. Leading, Managing and Mentoring

  • What is a leader, manager and mentor?

  • Learning about yourself as a leader and manager

  • Review Mulligan Personality Leadership Profile results

  • Review your Sixty Tasks Leadership and Management Competency results

  • Reviewing you Career Management Competency results

  • Reviewing your Personal Values results

  • Reviewing your Emotional Intelligence results


2. Learning the Triangle Team Leadership Model: Becoming the Best in Our Field – A leadership
    development and performance management system that can be used to build champion performers and
    a championship team

  • What is a Plan and Why Plan

  • Goals, Objectives and Tasks- What is the difference?

  • What is Your Present Performance Management System?

  • Learning the Triangle Team Leadership Model, the Gap Analysis and Closure Model and Task Empowerment Process

  • Setting Champion Building Objectives based on Research


 3. Assessing Direct Reports to Put them in the Right Position, Understanding  the Group Dynamics of the
    Team and Becoming an Effective One-on-One Idiosyncratic Manager

  • Defining a One-on-One Idiosyncratic Manager

  • Discussing different assessment instruments that can be used in selection, placement, development, retention and One-on-One Idiosyncratic Management.

The Mulligan Leadership Personality Profile

The Jackson Vocational Assessment Survey

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Mulligan Group Behavior Assessment Survey

The Personal Values Assessment Survey

The Personal and Social Maturity Survey

The Route 66 Career Satisfaction Survey

Primary Motivator-Challenge, Money, Praise?

Performance Reviews

Do your direct reports fit their leadership roles?


4. Working with Direct Reports to Establish the Objectives and Tasks that Need to Be Met to Be Champion
    Performers or Best in Our Field

  • Working with each report One-on-One to review the Unit Champion Building Objectives and Obtain a Buy In.

  • Working with each report One-on-One to identify the tasks that he/she needs to complete to meet specific objectives.


5. Learning  How to Conduct  Motivational Team Meetings and Monitor the Progress of the Team Unit

  • Review the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Mulligan Group Assessment Survey to analyze the group dynamics

  • Review Your Group Leadership Assessment Results

  • Learn the Team Engagement Achievement  Motivation Program


6. Learning How to Use the Team Engagement Achievement Motivation (TEAM) Program to Execute The
    Triangle Team Leadership Model and Establishing a Method to Monitor the Progress of Reports & the Unit


7. Chief Level Officers Discussing How they Rose to the C-Suite and Discussion on Graduate and
    Professional School programs.

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