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                                  Mulligan’s Route 5 Career Pathway Plan

         Mentors in High School, College, Families and Companies Learning and 
     Implementing Mulligan’s Route 5 Career Pathway Plan with Students and Employees.

It is important that mentors from high schools, colleges, families and companies teach and implement a career planning and management process with students and  employees. If not, their career journey will depend on luck or parents knowing someone who can hire their young adult.

• Twenty five percent or 500,000 students taking the ACT each year put down undecided on a college major.
• Sixty six percent of college students take six years to graduate from college because they switch majors two or three times. This runs up college debt.
• Seventy three percent of college graduates enter career fields unrelated to their college major.
• Over 25% of those 23 to 35 live at home because of college debt and a low paying job or no job.

The Plan is a yearly career planning, preparation, placement and performance process that asks students and employees to identify and complete tasks that will help them meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals plus school or work objectives that will advance them to the next step in their career and eventually to where they want to end up. The Five “P” Career Growth Goals include;

1. Positioning Self on The Right Career Pathway (work sector, industry, career cluster, functional area and future positions)
2. Preparing Self for Target Career Field (curriculum in high school and college, internships, apprenticeships, part time work, vocational school, college, military,
certifications or graduate or professional school and on the job training)
3. Placing self in target positions in chosen career field
4. Performing at a high level completing tasks to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals and school and work objectives.
5. Personal Satisfaction with your performance and situation either in school and work.

Each mentor will use the book My Career Mentor and Me with a mentee. It includes the Triangle Mentoring Team Model and The Mulligan Route 5 Career Pathway Plan. We
would like every mentor to have a USB memory stick that contains the book My Career Mentor and Me plus 11 other pdf books with assessments and 18 podcasts. Podcast four,
five and six cover the topics on the Triangle Mentoring Team Model, Operating as a Career Pathway Mentor and executing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.

We charge $95 for an individual to obtain a USB memory stick with all the information and $75 an individual if three or more from an organization orders a USB memory stick.
The stick with The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan could be covered during a company internship program so the students goes away with something really worthwhile.

We will conduct free monthly zoom sessions for family, high school, college and company mentors to discuss how they can implement the Route 5 Career Plan, The Triangle
Mentoring Team Model and our supporting materials with their students and employees.
Contact Dr. Mulligan to learn the dates & times. Review what information you will receive on the USB memory stick by reviewing Books and Podcasts. Soft cover books are not
included in the $95 or $75 fee.

Contact Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 533-5488 to discuss any of the four programs or order a UBS memory stick with information. His two emails are or
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