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Seminar on Planning & Managing

Your Career Journey- 6 DVDs

Watch the Introduction video Planning and Managing Your Career Journey below to learn about the five sessions and 23 topics that make up the educational seminar. The five sessions and 23 topics cover planning for different segments of one’s life- high school, college, post college, 30s. 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  Dr. Mike Mulligan, who wrote six books on career transitioning and leadership developed these DVDS. He felt if parents and their children or individuals could watch these DVDs, they could better plan their future and be successful.



Now watch the second video-Why Plan and Manage Your Career Journey? a 30 minute presentation, which covers the following topics


  • Definition of Career & Educational Planning and Management and a Discussion of it’s Importance

  • Why Plan and Manage Your Career Journey?

  • Changes Impacting Employment Today

  • Questions You Need to Answer to Help You Plan & Manage Your Career Journey

  • The 555 Career Planning & Management Model

You can purchase the six DVD Package that make up the five sessions of the seminar by calling Mulligan & Associates at (847) 981-5725.  You can also purchase the appropriate book(s) for each session of the seminar by clicking on books of this website. Review DVD subjects and books below.


The Six DVDs include Five Sessions & 23 Topics


  • DVD One/ Sesson # One- Introduction of Educational Seminar and Why Plan and Manage Your Career Journey?

  • DVD Two/Session # Two-Helping Your Young Adult Launch a Career Before Age 30

  • DVD Three/Session # Three-The Three Goal High School Plan

  • DVDs Four & Five/Session # Four- The Five Goal College Plan

  • DVD Six/Session # Five- Planning and Managing Your Career until Retirement.


The Six Books Related to the Five Sessions Include:


  • Helping Your Young Adult Launch a Career before Age 30           
    (Part of session two)

  • My High School, College and Post College Plans                          
    (Part of sessions two, three and four)

  • The Five Goal College Plan                                                                     
    (Part of sessions three and four)

  • Moving Out & Moving Up- A 5 Phase Career Transitioning Model                                                                      
    (Part of sessions four and five)

  • The Triangle Team leadership Model: Becoming the Best in Our Field
    (Part of session five)

  • Sharpening Your One-on-One Performance Facilitation and Helping Communication Skills                         
    (Part of session five)                                                     

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