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Michael V. Mulligan Ph.D., CMF, CEO


Dr. Mulligan is Presently CEO of Mulligan & Associates, a firm founded in 1983 that has helped 10,000 people with career direction and finding employment.   Earlier he served as Management Development Director of Century 21 of Northern Illinois working with 400 franchise owners, Regional Director for the American College Testing Program for nine years covering the states of Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin. He worked with high school college counselors, college administrators and state departments training educators on how to use ACT data to help students with academic placement, career direction, personal development, student retention and graduating with a job.


Dr. Mulligan served as Assistant Director and Director of New Student Orientation at the University of Georgia where he obtained a Ph.D. in counseling. While in the admissions office, he served as Chairman of the State of Georgia High School /College Articulation Committee that scheduled college nights and other programs to help students with post secondary planning.  He worked as a counselor in the counseling center at Georgia Tech and as an academic advisor at Michigan State.


He has counseled and coached over 100 CEOs and presidents, 500 Chief Level Officers and over 2,000 managers, professionals and hundreds of high school and college students with career planning, finding employment, being a leader and running a business and making profit.


He developed six DVDs, 12 assessments and wrote the following six books.


  • Helping Your Children launch a Career before Age 30

  • The High School, College, Post College Plans

  • The Five Goal College Plan

  • Moving Out and Moving Up- A Five Phase Transitioning Process

  • The Triangle Team Leadership Model: Becoming Best in Our Field

  • Sharpening My One-On-One Performance Facilitation and Helping Communication Skills



Eight Topics (30 minutes, one to three hours or all day seminar- speaker fee will vary by length of time, topic and audience)


Helping Your Children Launch a Career by Age 30- Parents

  • Knowing your children and the peer group

  • Developing  your helping communication skills

  • Becoming a career/life mentor

  • Working with your student in high school

  • Working with your student in college

  • Helping your student with career direction and employment


What Do You Want to Accomplish in High School? – High School Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Parents

  • Building a resume that will sell you to colleges, scholarship programs and employers

  • Developing a College Selection Profile and Identifying the colleges that fit your profile and learning about them

  • Following an admissions process and enrolling in the right college


How to I Graduate from College with a Job- H.S. Seniors, College Students and Parents

  • Graduating from college on your timeline with less debt

  • Becoming a self manager and leader

  • Becoming a career manager

  • Selecting a career field and major

  • Graduating from college with a good job                                                                                 


Planning and Managing Your Career Journey

  • Why plan your career journey?

  • What is your competency level as a career manager?

  • Executing The 555 Career Management Model


The Major Threat to Higher Education in the 21st Century

  • The history of higher education

  • The challenges facing higher education today

  • What higher education institutions have to do to meet the challenges and help their customers (students and alums) be successful.


What is a Leader and How does Management Get Everyone in an Organization to Step Up as a Leader?

  • Definition of a leader

  • Why unit leadership is so important today

  • Why unit leaders fail

  • The Mulligan Leadership Personality Profile-playing the  leadership role that best fits your personality traits

  • The Triangle Team Leadership Model: Becoming the Best in Our Field, a leadership development system that will help unit leaders transform their direct reports and themselves into leaders in their  fields and the unit into a championship/ profitable organization.


Becoming a One-On-One Idiosyncratic Manager: The Key to Building Champion Performers and a Championship/Profitable Organization

  • What is One-On-One Idiosyncratic Management and why is it so important to be one?

  • Assessment  tools you can use to learn about your direct reports

  • Measuring your functioning level as helping communicator

  • Reviewing a One-On-One Performance Facilitation and Helping Communication Model


How do I Create Team Cohesiveness and Team Play and Build a Championship and Profitable Organization

  • Reviewing the personalities of the group and learning the group dynamics of the team unit

  • Executing the Triangle Team leadership Model: Becoming the Best in Our Field to challenge and bring your unit together,

  • Executing the Team Engagement Achievement Motivation Program to help you implement the Triangle Team Leadership Model: Becoming the Best in Our field.

  • One-On-One Management keeps individuals and the team unit moving forward.


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