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                                    College Grads Moving Out & Up

It has been said that over 70 percent of college graduates today do not enter a career field related to their major and over 30 percent of those 23 to 30 are living home with their parents because of college debt and a low paying or no job.

Mulligan & Associates has established The College Grads Moving Out and Up Program to help young adults just out of college or in their 20s with career pathway planning and
obtaining targeted positions in their chosen career field. 

We charge $150 for the first month which helps pay for soft cover books and assessments and $50 a month thereafter to stay in the program. The benefits of our program include:

1. Working with a trained and experienced Career Pathway Mentor who knows the
    world of work.
2. Learning and executing a career planning and management model -The Route 5
    Career Pathway Plan which asks you to identify and complete tasks each year
    to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals and advance your career. They are:

• Positioning Self on the Right Career Pathway (work sector, industry, functional area
    & positions)
• Preparing Self for Targeted Career Field and first Position in Career Field (certification,
   OJT, internship, another college degree)
• Placing Self in Targeted Career Field and First Position (developing marketing
    materials and conducting a program to obtain interviews and offers)
• Performing- meeting the predetermined tasks to place self in targeted career field
    and positions
• Personal satisfaction with completing tasks to meet career growth goals and advance
    toward your ultimate career and life position.

3. Helping you learn about yourself and the world of work so you can target a career
    sector, industry, functional area and future positions right for you.
• You will participate in our Achievement Motivation Program where you learn about
    your strengths and build a network of young adults like yourself
• You will take assessments to learn about yourself
• You will do research about the world of work
• You will target a work sector, industry, functional area and next position.

4. Helping you place or obtain your targeted position in chosen career field.
• You will develop marketing materials that brand you so you obtain interviews for your
    targeted positions (resume, letters, card)
• You will conduct a proven system to acquire interviews
• You become a part of a network of young adults in the same boat who can help each
    other obtain interviews now and in the future.
• You will learn how sell yourself in interviews (informational, telephone and high
    stress) to obtain offers and to negotiate properly without losing the offer

5. Helping you to Move Up in the companies or organizations that hire you.
• You learn how to Onboard in your new companies so you build your personal power
    with boss and colleagues. You want them to like and respect you.
• If you are interested in moving into management someday, you will learn how to
    excel as a Team Unit Leader and One-On-One Career Pathway Mentor and build a
   “Best in Field” Leadership Culture. You can learn The Mulligan Team and One-On-One
    Performance Management Model so you can build a great department or company
    some day or enter the C-suite of another company.
• You can have access to any of the pdf books on
    website free.

We limit the number in this program so we can help each young adult plan and manage a successful career journey and become employed in his or her targeted
position. Call Dr. Mike Mulligan 847 533 1648 or email or text him at
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