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                                          Zoom Sessions with Dr. Mike

Sessions That Will Help You Plan and Manage Your Career, College, Employment and Life Journey So You End Up Where You Want to Be.

You alone or with parents, mentor or a number of colleagues can have a zoom discussion on any of the 18 topics described below. Dr. Mulligan charges $25 for each zoom session and will send you free pdf copies of the books related to the topics. He charges for soft cover books and the cost is determined by the number ordered.

                                                 The Zoom Topics

Click on the topics you want to review and discuss. We charge $25 for each zoom session plus for soft cover books. He will send you a free pdf book on the subject.

Topic #1- “Why Develop & Execute a Career, College, Employment and Life Journey Plan?” Wake Up Call!

Topic # 2 – “The Major Threat to Higher Education In 21st Century” – The Lack of Career Planning is Causing Students to Take Six Years to Graduate and Not Know What Career Pathway to Be on After College Graduation- This means it is difficult for college graduates to pay back student loans.

Topic # 3 “Parents Helping Their Young Adult(s) Be on Right Career Pathway by 25” – Creating a Triangle Mentoring Team and Executing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan. Parents need to push for a Career Planning and Management class in their local high school and where they student attends college. Students needs to know how and where they can make a living after obtaining a diploma and an A.A or B.A. degree.

Topic #4 – “Teaching a Career and College Planning, Employment and Life Journey Course in High School”.

Topic #5- “Learning and Executing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan”, A Career Planning and Management Model you can execute each year to end up where you want to be in
your career and life.

Topic # 6 “Taking ACT or SAT Tests to Assess Your Educational Development and Place Yourself in the Right Academic and Career Pathway Program and College” Dr.
Mulligan can give you a practice ACT test and we can discuss those results or the results of your latest ACT tests.

Topic #7 “Selecting the Right College (s) to Help You Launch Your Career Journey”- Fill out M & A College Selection Profile and we will discuss your rankings. We will send you a College Selection Profile to fill out before this session

Topic #8 – “Teaching a Career and College Planning, Employment and Life Journey Course in College

Topic # 9“Positioning Self on The Right Career Pathway” (Work Sector, Industry or Career Cluster, Functioning Area and Positions)- We will help an individual assess himself or herself and the world of work and target an appropriate career field to enter.

Topic# 10 “Your College Plan” Executing the Five Goal College Plan” Becoming a self and career manager, meeting the challenges of college and graduating within 4.5 years
employed in targeted position in your chosen field.

Topic #11 “Executing a Job Acquisition Process to Obtain Targeted Position in Chosen Career Field” We will discuss the steps you need to take to obtain your target position. We will review marketing materials to brand yourself and the ways to obtain interviews and offers.

Topic# 12 “Sharpening Your Interviewing Skills to Obtain Targeted Position and On-Boarding and Leadership Skills to Advance”. We go into much detail on this subject. It is like getting a hit in baseball and then knowing what to do to advance around the bases to home plate 

Topic #13- “Assessing Self as a Leader and Becoming One” We suggest those that participate in this session take the assessments in the pdf book Assessing Self as a Leader and Become One (Team Unit Leader, Team Member Leader and Leader by Example) to make this session more meaningful.

Topic #14 -“Obtaining a Graduate or Professional Degree & Joining the Right Professional Organization to Advance Your Chosen Career Path”

Topic #15 Team Unit Leaders and Reports Working Together to be “Best in Their Field”. Most people advance by making their boss and themselves look good. The boss takes you with them when they advance or serve as a great reference to help you advance. We will discuss a Performance Management and One-On-One Career Mentoring System that produces a “best in field” leadership culture

Topic #16 “Obtaining Career and Personal Fulfillment and Enjoyment from Your Work” Clients will take a number of assessments before this session to learn where they are in
their work place today. We can also discuss one’s satisfaction level in high school and college.

Topic # 17- “What to Do When You Lose Your Job” The world of work is constantly changing. You might work for six or more organizations and have more than 12 positions. How do you manage a job loss, keep yourself on the right career
pathway and become employed again?

Topic # 18 “Developing and Executing a Work-for-Pay Career Plan from 55 until Retirement” Many companies dropped pensions and established 401k retirement programs. Individuals need to plan ahead so they can keep working for pay until they can retire.

Topic #19- “Taking Assessments to Learn About Yourself” You can select and take assessments listed on this website and discuss your results with Dr. Mulligan. We all have strengths and areas in which we can improve. No one is perfcet.

Establish zoom session dates and times by contacting Dr. Mike Mulligan. 847 533-1648 or email or text - to pre-order topics.

The zoom sessions can be for an individual alone or with family members or a number of people from the same organization. Set up a date and time to discuss one, two or
three topics important to you. The sessions need to be set up ahead of time so we have time to send you related materials so the sessions can be more meaningful to you.
The sessions are very inexpensive when teaming up with others. We can have some great discussions.
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